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Hitler Didn't Create Israel. Modernity did.

April 20, 2017

To understand Israel today, one must realize that the Shoah is part of the collective story of the Jewish people. But our connections to the land—and to one another, to am yisrael—were in place long before the Nazis’ vile rise to power.

Double (and a half) Standard - Israel at the United Nations

April 18, 2017

With a right-wing Israeli government favoring the support of right-wing organizations such as the World Jewish Congress, it is now more important than ever for liberal Jews who don’t subscribe to this one-dimensional and one-sided support of Israel to raise their voices.

Diaspora-Israel Day

November 7, 2016

November 8th this year is an exciting day! The start of something big!

ARZA is delighted to share this wonderful anthology of “Diaspora-Israel Day” materials from our partners at the Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism