Reconciling Victory and Inequality, Triumph and Struggle: Fifty Years After the Six Day War

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Maya Glasser

Maya Glasser is a Rabbinic student at the HUC-JIR in New York. She is currently interning at ARZA.

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Both Reform Judaism and Zionism are core to our identities. We sometimes hold competing truths and narratives as a result of the different parts of our identities.  When it comes to Israel, we strongly support the Jewish State, yet we know that it doesn’t live up to many of the standards that we hold dear. We love Israel and the miracle of its existence, yet we long for our Homeland to be truly one for all of us. We acknowledge that there are many tensions in our viewpoints and feelings. Undoubtedly, our Reform values strongly inform our Zionist ideals.

This awareness heightens as we approach the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War. The war’s outcomes were in many ways uplifting for Israel, Zionism, and the Diaspora; this anniversary, though, also marks the beginning of a very controversial period of time.  How do we reconcile the results of the Six Day War, which led to reunification, triumph and victory, with the additional realities of occupation, inequality and struggle that persist?

On June 11th, ARZA, with partner organizations, is exploring these questions: The Seventh Day: Israel at a Crossroads on the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War will be day of learning and leadership development. This program will bring together Israelis, Americans, teachers and leaders to untangle and examine the multiple truths we hold and the values that we strive for actualizing. We will enrich our own understanding of the relationship between contemporary Israel and the Diaspora as we honestly and openly ask: where are we as we mark this 50 years, where do we need to go, and how will we get there? 

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