Start a 'Seventh Day' Conversation in Your Community

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Want to bring ARZA learning about the Six Day War to your community?  

In six days, Israel won a war that would ensure its survival. 
But what happened on the seventh day, after the war was won? 

ARZA's position paper on the Six Day War and its aftermath explores the background and history of this important time, and articulates our complex relationship to this anniversary.

It's an excellent resource for learning about the Six Day War in your community. 

Watch videos from ARZA's incredible day of learning, music, and interactive discussion, "The Seventh Day": 

"Awakened Dreams: 50 Years of the Complex Unification of Jerusalem," with Dr. Elan Ezrachi (click here to read an abridgement of his book's introduction in English)

"Possibilities of Peace: Challenges and Opportunities," with Rabbi Noa Sattath (IRAC), Mohammad Darawshe (Givat Haviva), and Kenneth Jacobson (ADL), moderated by Dr. Elana Stein Hain (Hartman Institute)

"Where do we go from here?" with J.J. Goldberg (The Forward) and Rabbi Rick Jacobs (URJ)

Banot, live in concert - Israeli-Brooklynite musicians playing traditional Jewish and Israeli contemporary music with exciting new arrangements and sublime vocal harmonies.

Tel Aviv Review podcast with Gilad Halpern, featuring Professor Timothy Snyder (Yale University)

Bring learning from "The Seventh Day" to your community: 

Two sources on Religion and Culture after 1967: use Rabbi Reuven Greenvald's source sheets of music and poetry or Rabbi Neal Gold's source sheets on messianic thought and the modern state to imagine how different perspectives have shaped the last 50 years, and articulate a vision for the next 50. 

Want more background on settlements, Israeli government policy and law, security, and human rights? David Halperin of the Israel Policy Forum recommends "Conflict 101," their set of 8 videos addressing these core issues. And Yosefi Perlmutter of the World Zionist Organization recommends "Walking a Tightrope: The Supreme Court Balancing Jewish and Democratic Israel," a pamphlet of resources on Israel's Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty.

Rabbi Ayala Ronen Samuels was nine years old in June of 1967, and wrote this poem while sitting in the bomb shelter with her family. This is a wonderful resource to use with children and teens in Israel education. 

What happens when you ask people to put a note in the wall? We asked participants to write a short note about how the Six Day War influenced their relationships to Israel and Judaism. Look at some of the notes written by "The Seventh Day" participants, and use this interactive discussion tool with your synagogue community. 

If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to the Six Day War, check out our curriculum "The June 1967 War: How It Changed Jewish, Israeli and Middle Eastern History," which includes timelines, maps, and primary documents, as well as a thorough leader's guide.