Resources מידע שימושי

Pray for the Wellbeing of Jerusalem

The World Zionist Organization has created an educational guide to help open up conversations about the Kotel Crisis entitled "Beit Ha'am: Pray for the Wellbeing of Jerusalem." 


CLICK HERE for more information and the downloadable guide

Mah Zeh?

Israel 101: Everything You Need to Know about Israeli Politics 


An Infographic series that helps you understand the fundamentals of Israeli politics and society. 


Always changing, always adding, watch for new ones! 


Communications Guide: The Kotel Agreement and Conversion Bill

This Guide is your tool to be a part of the Reform Movement’s work in support of change in the Israeli government’s treatment of the Western Wall Agreement, the Conversion bill, and other matters impacting Progressive Jews in Israel and world-wide.


Having an ARZA scholar at your congregation

Having ARZA at your congregation can be a wonderful way to promote honest and real conversations about Israel. 

To have an ARZA scholar, pleast email us! 


The 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War

ARZA is delighted to announce that our comprehensive curriculum on the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War, produced by the Center for Israel Education, is now in print and available!

As we approach this milestone anniversary in Jewish history, our goal has been to produce nuanced, in-depth, multimedia material on this complicated moment:  How the War changed Israel, Jewish history, and Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora. We hope this will be a great educational opportunity for you, and that your community will seize this educational milestone this spring. 


For rabbis, cantors, and educators: the 111-page Leader’s Guide should provide you with a wealth of source material for a long time to come. For everyone in our community, this is a crucial educational opportunity not to be missed.


To order The June 1967 War: How It Changed Jewish, Israeli, & Middle Eastern History and for more information, contact CIE at:


ARZA is offering this in-depth set of lessons that will be easy to teach by clergy and educational leaders. Please share this material with the Israel education leaders in your community.


Furthermore—in thanks to what many of you expressed to us after our January teach-in—it is available at a markedly reduced price for everyone.  Leader’s Guides are now just $67 and Participant Booklets are $18.99.  (For those who pre-ordered the curriculum, CIE should already have been in touch with you about reimbursements.)