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The Campaign for Religious Equality Flyer

Join ARZA in the Campaign for Religious Equality. Distribute this flyer in your congregation this High Holiday season and encourage your community to stand up and be counted!

Transportation on Shabbat Backgrounder

Shabbat in Israel is a special time, but statutes banning public transportation in many areas around the country impose one type of religious observance on all people. By legislating to suit Orthodox preferences, the Israeli government blurs the boundaries between religion and state to the detriment of other citizens. Click here to learn more!

Nation-State Bill Backgrounder

The Nation-State Bill refers to a proposal pending in the Knesset to prioritize Israel’s Jewish identity over its democratic one. This bill damages the delicate balance of these two foundational characteristics and seriously undermines the rights of minority populations in Israel. Click here to learn more.

Western Wall Backgrounder

Use this backgrounder to better understand the development of the Western Wall Agreement.

The Western Wall Agreement: A History

Use this timeline to better understand the major developments in women's rights and religious equality at the Western Wall throughout Israel's history.

Conversion Bill Backgrounder

The Conversion Bill refers to the pending legislation in Israel that would grant the Chief Rabbinate exclusive control over matters of conversion. This bill threatens the legitimacy of Reform, Conservative, and even many Orthodox communities in Israel and beyond. The question of who is a Jew and which denominations are considered valid in the Jewish State are at the heart of this issue. Learn more HERE

Conversion in Israel: A History

Use this timeline to better understand the major developments in conversion law in Israel throughout its history.

Having an ARZA scholar at your congregation

Having ARZA at your congregation can be a wonderful way to promote honest and real conversations about Israel. 

To have an ARZA scholar, pleast email us! 


Communications Guide: The Kotel Agreement and Conversion Bill

This Guide is your tool to be a part of the Reform Movement’s work in support of change in the Israeli government’s treatment of the Western Wall Agreement, the Conversion bill, and other matters impacting Progressive Jews in Israel and world-wide.


Mah Zeh?

Israel 101: Everything You Need to Know about Israeli Politics 


An Infographic series that helps you understand the fundamentals of Israeli politics and society. 


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