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Women’s Civil Rights in Israel Today: Agunot, Mamzerim & Adulteresses, and Other Good Reasons to Separate Religion & State

The ARZA Rabbinic Council and WRN are delighted share our next videoconference for rabbis, featuring Dr. Susan Weiss of the Merkaz Tzedek L’Nashim/Center for Women’s Justice. In Israel today, the non-separation of religion and state and the hegemony of the Chief Rabbinate have created a civil rights nightmare. As a Jewish and democratic state, many fear that separation of the two would threaten the Israel’s Jewish character. This provocative and fascinating session will look closely at the disastrous ramifications of that status quo, especially for women. Using CWJ case studies, we will share how CWJ’s pioneering tactic of filing damage suits in Family Court are bringing relief from get extortion and real reform to Israel’s system.

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