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We cannot do our work alone! 

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The Union for Reform Judaism strengthens communities that transform the way people connect to Jewish life, building a more whole, just, and compassionate world.

The Union for Reform Judaism

"Our Judaism is for everyone. It is egalitarian, intellectually rigorous, joyful, spiritual, pluralistic, and constantly evolving. It is soul-elevating spiritual practice, life-altering Torah study, courageous practice of tikkun olam, loving care for our community, especially the most vulnerable — that is what we are."
— Rabbi Rick Jacobs, URJ President


The Israel Movement for Reform & Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is the umbrella organization of all the Reform communities and institutions in Israel. 

They seek to integrate Jewish tradition with the realities of modern life, and believe in the right of each individual to shape their own Jewish way of life through a process of study and reflection. The Reform movement emphasizes the commandments concerning relations between humans, religious tolerance, and full equality between women and men in the synagogue and in all walks of life.

Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) aims to strengthen the connection of our People and its loyalty to Jewish heritage, and to reform the State of Israel according to the principles of the individual and social morality of Judaism.

The IMPJ seeks to nurture a Jewish way of life in the Jewish society of the State of Israel, as well as a love of Israel and the creation of a culture that rests on Jewish sources. To support the IMPJ, click here

The public and legal advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel, IRAC was founded in 1987 with the goals of advancing pluralism in Israeli society and defending the freedoms of conscience, faith, and religion. Today IRAC is the preeminent civil and human rights organization in Israel focusing on the issues of religion and state and is the leading Jewish organization that advocates on behalf of a broadly inclusive Israeli democracy, infusing social justice advocacy with the spiritual energy and humane worldview of Progressive Judaism.


Israel Religious Action Center

IRAC works to:

  • Secure unequivocal state recognition, funding, and equal status for Reform and Conservative rabbis, synagogues and institutions.
  • Oppose gender segregation and the exclusion of women from the public sphere.
  • Combat racist incitement, particularly by public and religious figures who use Jewish sources to incite to racist actions and intolerance.
  • Protect the rights of all converts to make aliya and enjoy equal rights in Israel.
  • Secure freedom of choice in marriage and equal rights in divorce for all Israelis.

Support IRAC directly by clicking here.

The American Zionist Movement is a coalition of groups and individuals committed to Zionism: the idea that the Jewish people are one people with a shared history, values and language. AZM is the American affiliate of the World Zionist Organization, the Zionist Federation in the United States

American Zionist Movement

The mission of the American Zionist Movement is to strengthen the connection of American Jews with Israel; develop their appreciation of the centrality of Israel to Jewish life worldwide; deepen their understanding of Israeli society and the challenges it faces; encourage travel, long-term visits and Aliyah to Israel; and to facilitate dialogue, debate and collective action to further Zionism in the United States and abroad

ARZENU is the umbrella organization of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists. Founded in 1980 as an "ideological grouping" or Brit Olamit within the World Zionist Organization, ARZENU has constituent groups in twelve countries and represents the interests of these groups and of Reform and Progressive Judaism worldwide in the governing bodies of the World Zionist Organization and in the Jewish Agency for Israel.


ARZENU works to stimulate Zionist interest and activities in Progressive communities throughout the world. In countries where there are ARZENU constituents, we work to further the interests of Progressive Judaism within local Zionist Federations. ARZENU works together with all ideological groupings to promote Zionist activity in local Jewish communities and especially Zionist youth activity. Netzer Olami, the International Progressive Zionist Youth Movement is officially affiliated with ARZENU.

     Israel's National Institutions 


The World Zionist Organization is committed to promoting Zionism & the Zionist idea and the Zionist enterprise through Israel Education as vital and positive elements of contemporary Jewish life, in accordance with the principles articulated in the Jerusalem Program

World Zionist Organization

This manifesto is dedicated to instilling the centrality of Israel and Jerusalem its capital deep within Jewish consciousness, encouraging the return to Zion, fashioning an exemplary society in the Jewish state, expanding Zionist education including Hebrew language instruction, settling the land, and combating Anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Agency for Israel brings Jews to Israel, Israel to Jews and helps build a better society in Israel and beyond.

The Jewish Agency


Our Vision

To ensure the future of a connected, committed, global Jewish People with a strong Israel at its center.


Our Mission

Inspire Jews throughout the world to connect with their People, heritage, and homeland, and empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel.

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund and our friends worldwide, together for over 110 years; developing the land with a loving touch, strengthening the bond between the Jewish people and its homeland, responding to the needs of the country and preserving our natural and cultural heritage.

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael / Jewish National Fund

Since its establishment in 1901, KKL-JNF has served as trustee in the name of the Jewish people over the Jewish lands of Israel. The activities of KKL-JNF in the first decades of Israel's existence have set the borders of the Israeli state.


The North American Reform Movement's 2017 Appeal for the Israeli Reform Movement

We are celebrating 69 years of Israel’s Independence. 

Today, as we look back at all of Israel’s achievements, accolades, and accomplishments, we can feel a great sense of pride. 

Israel is a tremendous success story.  And our Reform community has helped build a vibrant country and rich Jewish society with great contributions to our own People and to the world.

And there’s still more work to do. The Reform Movement in Israel is working tirelessly not only to build our Movement, but to influence and change Israeli society for the betterment of all.

Unfortunately, we see a rising tide of anti-Reform rhetoric and activity in Israel, from hateful comments by Members of the Knesset to bills restricting Reform practice and blocking our right to pray as we choose at the Kotel, the Western Wall.   

During the night of November 23, 2016, Kehilat Ra'anan, the Reform congregation in the town of Ra'anana, Israel was vandalized with vicious anti-Reform graffiti and vulgar death threats directed at the leadership of the Israeli and North American Reform Movements.                                                 

This despicable backlash is occurring precisely because the Reform Movement is growing bigger and stronger. We offer a joyous Jewish alternative to Israelis, many of whom are tired of the strictures of the stale and controlling Chief Rabbinate.



Most congregational rabbis in North America perform a few dozen Bar and Bat Mitzvahs each year. At Kehilat Ra'anan, however, Rabbis Danny Meir and Chen Tzafoni performed more than 250 ceremonies in 2016! Their B'nai Mitzvah students come from all backgrounds: secular and Masorti (Conservative Movement), rich and poor, immigrant and sabra (native). They come seeking a Judaism unfettered by the Chief Rabbinate’s insistence on a single, extreme, exclusionary path.

Despite facing discrimination from State authorities and hateful acts of intimidation, Kehilat Ra'anan brings Jews from all backgrounds together to celebrate progressive visions of Judaism and Israel. And now, more than ever, the work they and the 45 other Reform congregations do, is vital for Israeli society.

Our Israeli colleagues can't do this alone. With no possibility of government support, the Israeli Reform Movement needs your help. Every Reform minyan in a small Negev town, every Arab-Jewish friendship kindled by their Meeting Neighbors program, and every dollar of Reform Movement support for families displaced by disaster comes from people like you.


50 years after the Six Day War, Israeli society is far from perfect. But with your help, we can keep dreaming, keep building, and keep bringing all our People together.  A Jewish State that respects the rights of all Jews is not a dream if we continue to build it together.