Association of Reform Zionists of America

Equality. Democracy. Pluralism. Israel.


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What is ARZA?

The Association of Reform Zionists of America is the Israel arm of the Reform Movement, representing our community to the Zionist National Institutions.
ARZA’s Mission is two-fold: to center a connection to Israel in the American Reform community, and to strengthen our Movement on the ground in Israel.

Equality. Democracy. Pluralism. Israel.

Promoting Progressive Values in Israel




ARZA is dedicated to advancing progressive values in Israel and making Israel a central pillar of Jewish identity for every Reform Jew. ARZA represents the Reform Movement to the Zionist National Institutions, using our position to create a more equal, democratic, and pluralistic Israel. The Jewish State must be a society that reflects the whole Jewish people, with the respect and legitimacy granted to all denominations. We work for acceptance of the Reform Movement, addressing issues of gender equality, civil marriage, conversion, racial justice and much more. These are our values and this is our Homeland.


ARZA works to make Israel a central pillar of Jewish identity. Join in our efforts to build an Israel informed by the values of equality, democracy and pluralism.

ARZA is Your Representative to the Zionist National Institutions

ARZA is an independent membership organization that serves as the Zionist organization of the Reform Movement. ARZA promotes liberal Zionist values at the National Institutions, specifically the World Zionist Organization. Through elections, we gain seats at the table and use our position to advance progressive policies on the ground in Israel.

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