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  1. . Jabulani. Victor. Khambule.
    April 14, 2023 @ 9:46 am

    . Yes. Everthing, everywhere all at once. These expressions mean, the power of . God. Nothing is too difficult for . God. Big or small we cannot compare the two because they are same. God is everywhere all the time. Allow me to use thesr terms to emphasize what i this phrase mean.. 1. Onnicompetent. = able to deal with all matters or solve all matters. 2. Omifarious = relating to all sort or varieties.. 3. Omniscient = knowing everything. 4. Omnipresent = present everywhere at the same time. These are what we mean by everything, everywhere , all at once. . Warm regards. Jabulani. Victor. Khambule. Shalom