Menu for an Israel Engaged Congregation

Here are 17 things your congregation can do infuse your congregation with Israel!

  1. Establish Israel Committee/Team
  2. Put Israel in your Congregation’s mission statement 
  1. Make Israel a core value of your congregation
  1. Make Israel a component of Congregational Education
  1. Become an ARZA membership congregation
  1. Run a campaign for the World Zionist Congress elections
  1. Frequent Israel programming (speakers, scholar in residence, discussions, book groups, film, food)
  1. Tzedakah/mitzvah project in Israel or for an Israeli cause
  1. Incorporate Israel into your ritual life in ways such as, but not limited to: “Prayer for the State of Israel,” Israeli music/poetry, Sermons related to Israel.
  1. Israel content on your congregation’s website and social media, and/or a set place for Israel content in your newsletters/bulletins/e-communications
  1. Israel advocacy:
  • AIPAC, JStreet, RAC, IMPJ
  • Relationship with local Consul General/Ambassador
  • Relationship with local members of Congress
  1. Send youth to programs such as Yallah! Israel, Heller High, Masa or other Israel immersion programs for teens and young people
  1. Join Volunteers for Israel
  1. Join local Israel programs/events such as: parades,  UnXeptable protests, music/art/film festival
  1. Travel to Israel
  1. Creating a partnership with a Reform Congregation in Israel
  2. Invite leaders to join the Israel Leadership Network