URJ 4HQ Curriculum Request

We are very pleased to share  a new 10-part Israel educational curriculum that is available for your use. The curriculum is based on the framework of the 4 Hatikva Questions – “To Be”, “A People”, “Free”, “In Our Land,” taken from the penultimate line of Israel’s National Anthem “Hatikva”. It is a resource to address all of Israel’s complexities in a safe and thorough way, focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and religious pluralism in Israel.

It is honest, challenging, robust, fun, varied, engaging, user-friendly, and easily adaptable for all ages and backgrounds.

All Reform Movement congregations and institutions are eligible to receive the materials which include texts, programs, videos, and handouts to run the 10 sessions yourself.

If you are interested in receiving the 4HQ Israel curriculum, please fill out the request form.

We are deeply grateful to ARZENU, KKL-JNF, and the Herzl Society for the sponsorship of this curriculum and for making it available free of cost to Reform Movement congregations and institutions. A special thank you to Robbie Gringras, for creating the curriculum and methodology.