What You Can DO Right Now to Support Israel and Support The Reform Movement!

1. Speak out in support of Israeli democracy.
  • This is not the time to be silent. We are not speaking out against Israel, rather we are speaking in support of democracy, upholding the values of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. We speak of Israel as a Jewish and democratic State.
  • The Jewish State Must Remain A Democracy –  participate in IRAC’s letter writing campaign to the Government of Israel.
    • Same language can also be used in speaking to the Israeli diplomatic corps (Israeli Consulates/Embassies as well as members of Congress) 
  • It is very important that national and international Jewish organizations also speak out such as Jewish federations, Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, etc.
  • Speak to your elected representatives such as members of Congress.
      •  Thank the Jewish Representatives who signed the Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist letter to to Netanyahu and the Coalition Government encouraging compromise and consensual process.  
      • Phone and write those Jewish representatives who did NOT sign the letter to encourage them to privately (at a minimum) express concern to the Coalition Government, to Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer or others where they may have influence. 
      • See the article that explains who signed the Congressional letter and who didn’t
  • Speak to your congregations. Your help is needed to guide your congregations about ways to think about these issues.
    • Encourage them to attend local  UnXeptable Protests, happening every weekend all around the world
  • Include this “Prayer for Democracy” written by Rabbi Oded Mazor, Rabbi of Kehilar Kol HaNeshama in Jerusalem in your synagogues and Pesach Seders. 

    English version 
    Hebrew Version

2. IMPJ/IRAC Emergency Campaign:

Donate to the IMPJ & IRAC Emergency Campaign
Today, members of the new government threaten to override Israel’s core values with insidious racism, extremism and discrimination. In addition, due to the anti-Reform views of the new government and its ministers, the Israel Reform Movement will lose more than $1.5 million in government funding.
Help financially secure an Israel of which we can be proud!

3. Join ARZA

ARZA congregational membership is a critical source of revenue for growing the Reform Movement in Israel, and for strengthening our reach in North America. To achieve our ambitious goals of building a strong voice in Israel’s national institutions we need your financial support. Help the Reform Movement in Israel expand its reach and work with North American Jews to create a strong Reform and liberal Zionist Movement. Your ARZA membership and congregation’s continued formal membership is vital to help raise our voices. 

4. Join the Herzl Society

The Herzl Society is a community of Reform Jews who care deeply about Jewish life in Israel and connecting to Reform communities in Israel. To help build the next generation of Reform Zionists and to support Jewish values and ideals in Israel, society members make an annual commitment of $10,000 or more in addition to their planned annual gift to the URJ. 

5. Stay up to date
  • ARZA Newsletter:  Subscribe for a weekly dose of Torah, Israel, Zionism, and Peoplehood.

The ARZA Weekly newsletter and blog offers sources and helpful language in speaking about the current crisis and on Israel in general. The newsletter also offers a brief weekly roundup of key articles, podcasts, and books which are helpful in understanding and thinking about key issues facing Israel through the eyes of the Reform Movement.  

6. Engage with Israel in a more nuanced and complex way.

As we prepare to celebrate Israel @ 75, it is important to celebrate Israel and engage in programming that addresses the great challenges of today.

This could include:

  • Sharing our Just Zionism Initiative with young leaders.
  • Using our URJ 4HQ Curriculum. It is a new 10-part Israel educational curriculum that is available to congregations that addresses all of Israel’s complexities in a safe and thorough way, focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and religious pluralism in Israel.
  • Joining our Israel Leadership Network: We need leaders in each congregation to be our partners in leading upcoming campaigns. We will work on issues around conversion, the law of return, fighting to preserve Israel’s democracy and building our strength for the next World Zionist Congress. For this election we will need a much broader campaign than we have in the past.
    • Please help by appointing lay leaders (or a team) to join our network of congregational leaders in the Israel Leadership Network (ILN). Sign up using this link.
  • Establishing a partnership between your congregation with an Israeli Reform congregation. This is an important way to develop a connection with Israel through building relationships directly with Israelis!
7. Register for Yallah! Israel (previously NFTY in Israel) summer programs for teens.
  • Eden Israel Experience: Israel through an ecological and social justice lens.
  • Sci-Tech Academy Israel: Science and technology meet Judaism’s past, present,t and future.
  • L’Dor v’dor Poland + Israel: Explore the rich history of Europe before heading to Israel.
  • Adventure Israel: Visit all the great spots, meet the people, and get to know the country on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Gift your b’nei mitzvah students with $3250 off of a summer Israel trip!

Fill out this easy form and receive a custom-printed certificate for each of your teens! The website also includes blessings and rituals to help create a meaningful Israel moment during this powerful lifecycle event. 

8. Register for the URJ Teen Israel Fellowship-in-Residence at Heller High

The URJ Teen Israel Organizing Fellowship is an immersive nine-month fellowship for high school students (ages 14-18) to learn about the society and culture of Israel and explore how to organize within their communities. Fellows will spend four months learning in Israel in the 2023 fall semester of the URJ Heller High, followed by five months organizing in their communities back home. Accepted Fellows will receive a $15K stipend for their Heller High semester!   

Do you have a student who is the right fit? Connect them to Bryan Hanan Oren, our new Director of Youth Organizing – Israel at bhoren@urj.org. Registration and website launching soon! Send your families to The Heller High Website to learn more about the general program. 

* Background Memo on the Impact of Proposed Policies called for by Israel’s New Government